Get Someone Out of Jail

When you have to bail someone out of jail, the situation can be daunting at first if you have never done it before. You will need to go to a bail bondsman in order to work out the details so you can get your friend out of jail quickly.

In order to do that, you first have to find the bondsman of choice. Ideally, it will be one with a good reputation, one that cares about helping more than just making the money. They will tell you how to pay a bail bond. At that point, you sign the paperwork and pay and then your friend gets out.

That is basically the way it works but there are some details to this. The bail bonding company you use actually pays the bail. You are only paying a percentage of it as a non-refundable fee to get this done. However, you are responsible for the full amount if things change.

how to pay a bail bond

What could change? If the person you bailed out of jail does not show up to all proceedings they are called to, then they have forfeited bail and that is when you will owe all of it to the bonding company. That would be bad news so be sure you know this person well.

Talk with your bondsman about all of the details so you fully understand how all of this works. You would be wise to create a way to watch or stay in contact with the person you bailed out or in some way secure their dedication.

If you don’t do that then there is a chance they could skip out of town and that would result in further charges plus no chance of getting out on bail a second time around. In order to keep up with them, you need to have a close relationship to them.